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Go for Gold
Kick start your investment portfolio by trading Gold Coins – the ideal investment for the man on the street.
The Ideal Rand Hedge
Gold is internationally-traded, quoted in US Dollars. Thus, its value is not affected by the value of the Rand.
Trade in Increments
Gold coins can be bought and sold in increments of an ounce, making it both affordable and practical to start trading.

The power of gold coins as an investment

Gold has proven over the decades to be one of the top performing precious metals with stability to match.

It is for this reason that it offers favourable returns on investment.

Gold Coins were introduced as an affordable way for the general public to invest in gold without their investment being restricted to their country.

Krugerrands, for instance, can be traded without hassle by investors of any experience level, be it complete beginner or experienced trader.

While many investment options today require extensive knowledge, time and skill coupled with great risks, investing in gold can be as easy as buying gold coins.

If you are looking for a fairly stable investment with good yields, gold coins may be the best place to start.

A brief timeline of our relationship of Gold

And how it escaped the currency prison across the globe
Gold first discovered on the Witwatersrand
Introduction of the MacArthur-Forrest cyanide excavation process
South Africa’s free banking era
South African currency cut from the value of gold
First Krugerrand is minted.
US Govt. ends the dollar’s redeemability in gold

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